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We all love our air conditioning on those hot sunny drives to the beach. When everyone has the same idea on the one sunny weekend we get during May bank holiday, and you get stuck in traffic. There’s nothing worse than realising that your air conditioning suddenly has decided to pack in. At Benjamin at Grosvenor Garage, we provide air conditioning re-gassing, antibacterial cleaning and full servicing for our customers at affordable prices. That way, we can avoid those hot days, sweaty car seats and enjoy the minimal summer we actually get, without wishing it was winter again!

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Car air conditioning – Did you know?

We all love to get excited about the summer days, but your car’s air conditioning actually plays a bigger role than just keeping you cool when it’s hot. Your air conditioning system is designed to blow out not just cool air, but dry air. It’s actually utilised to help demist your windows and windscreen during the winter too. It helps to de-ice vehicles quicker with the engine on and keep you warm without releasing a lot of condensation and liquid into your car. So whilst we all believe that our air conditioning is only relevant for us during the summer, this is actually untrue. Therefore, it’s important to make sure your system is working all year round.

Your air conditioning is like any other car part

Most of us get a regular service to ensure that our vital car parts keep us safe and it’s a legal requirement for us to get an MOT, ensuring our car is fit for the roads. However, because an air conditioning service isn’t included in your regular service, it can often go neglected. However, your car’s air conditioning is just like any other part of your vehicle and could be subject to daily wear and tear. Over time, your air con system leaks out some of the refrigerant gas through the vents and joints. It equals around 10% each year. Therefore, manufacturer’s recommend your vehicle to get an air conditioning service every 2 years or as required by your handbook. Most people, though, are unaware of this and let it run down which can cause major problems and costly repairs.

A Simple re-gas to a major air conditioning repairs

The difference between neglect and maintenance can reflect on your bank balance. Getting a regular re-gas and check on your system can help to prevent the need for repairs to leaks, blockages and lots of money spent on a new system. At Benjamin at Grosvenor Garage, we provide simple refrigerant re-fills and re-gas to major air conditioning repairs. During a service, we’ll not only provide a recharge but also make sure your system is cleaned from any dirt and dust that can infiltrate the system as well as check for leaks and damages. We ensure your system runs smoothly for longer, making sure it does the work it’s supposed keeping you cool, demisted and safe at any point during the year.

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