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MOT test and service centre in Fulham

If you’re looking for an MOT in Fulham or a car service, then you’re at the right place. We’re a Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) approved MOT testing centre offering affordable MOT tests and reliable vehicle servicing for any make and model. For a service and MOT you can rely on, you can book with us online or contact us for advice and information during working hours.

Your annual MOT tests

The MOT test is required on every vehicle over the age of 3 and ensures all vehicles meet the MOT standards and are fit for road use. During the test, the nominated and trained tester examines the vehicle for safety and to ensure emissions meet the regulated environmental requirements. After a vehicle is older than 3, an MOT is required every year. However, customers are free to book their MOT any time within a month before it expires. This can sometimes be beneficial if you believe repairs and re-test are required, to make sure that your vehicle always remains legal and you’re not required to pay any fines.

MOT repairs

Should any failures come about during the MOT rest, we’ll contact you to let you know the outcome. Unlike some main dealers and garages, we provide a full breakdown of what has failed and give you a reason so that you know what needs to be done and why. Along with a breakdown, we can provide a free, no obligation quotation so you can plan whether you’d like us to complete the work for you. Our team are fully qualified and experienced in MOT standards and can help get your car back on the road and running safely. We offer MOT re-testing and partial retesting where required too.

Vehicle servicing for any make and model

At Benjamin at Grosvenor Garage, we invest in all the latest equipment to ensure we provide top-notch servicing for all our customers. Whether you need an interim (6-month service), a full (yearly service), or a major (2 yearly service), we make sure your vehicle is running smoothly and driving beautifully.

When it comes to your service, we help save money by using your manufacturer specifications along with any service history your car previously has had. That way we only check what’s needed with no unnecessary extras that would cost more. We make sure your handbook is stamped to keep you up to date and ensure any warranty is protected.

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Interim service

An interim service is recommended for those that drive more miles per year. It’s suggested by most manufacturers that an interim service is conducted every 6 months or 5,000 miles, whichever comes first. It consists of general checks on your lights, horn, windscreen and tops up oils, washer liquid, brake fluid, power steering fluid and coolant checks your timing belt, oil filters, brakes, wheels, steering, suspension and exhaust.

Full service

A full service is recommended each year or every 10,000 miles and is the most commonly known service level. It includes all the checks included in an interim service along with pollen filter checks, seat belts, auxiliary drive belts, brake callipers and more thorough checks on each vital component.

Major service

When you’re getting a major service, it means there are additional checks that need to be conducted that haven’t been looked at during an interim of full service. It includes all of the aforementioned checks and should be conducted every 2 years or 24,000 miles or as recommended by your manufacturer. Extra checks such as coolant fans, radiator caps, spark plugs, drive shafts and leaks are checked to ensure that your vehicle runs smoothly and safely for longer.

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