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Warning light problems solved in Fulham

With Benjamin at Grosvenor Garage, we guarantee accurate and honest repairs and diagnostic testing. We use the latest equipment ensuring we can accurately and efficiently diagnose any warning light issues or electrical fault within your vehicle. This allows our mechanics to locate the issue quickly and assure that we can get the repairs done in efficient timescales.

Engine diagnostics for all vehicles

Dashboard warning lights can be a big concern when they light up in your car. Fortunately, with a diagnostic test, it can be easy to find a solution to a complicated problem. Your warning lights are a great tool supplied by modern vehicles that help to identify when something is wrong with your car. However, these warning lights are connected to a complicated internal electrical system. This means, whilst it can identify a general area of the problem, to find the exact location takes a bit more work. That’s why a diagnostic test helps to find a potential error before or after a warning light has appeared, saving your time, money and hassle.

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What is an engine diagnostic for?

We use the latest technology at Benjamin at Grosvenor Garage, allowing us to scan various points of the car to identify any problems with the system accurately. The scanner connects to your vehicle, identifying it’s exact make and model and therefore, understanding the right specifications that are set by the manufacturer. IT then can read any issues that don’t meet the specifications. These issues can be associated with the engine, brakes, air bags, alarms and any other system it is connected too. The live data is recorded and then highlighted on the scanner with a code. This code is then examined by our expert mechanics to find out where the issues lie and what the problem is. With this information, we can then put together a repair plan. It may be a simple issue we can solve very quickly, or it can be something more complicated. As always, with Benjamin at Grosvenor Garage, if additional repairs that haven’t been pre-arranged or agreed are required, we’ll run it past you before we start any work. When repair work has been approved and completed, we’ll reset any service and error lights on the dashboard, so you can be on the road again.

What’s wrong with my car?

Whilst a warning light can indicate a simple problem, such as an oil refill or a sensor issue, a diagnostic check helps determine the exact cause of the car. Warning lights tell us what could potentially be the issue, but modern cars are complex systems with specific functions and settings set by your manufacturer. We will help you if you call us over the phone with regards to your warning lights as much as we can, but sometimes a diagnostic check is required with your car in the garage to be able to accurately quote you. We don’t want to give you any false pretences and so having your car in front of us can help us to help you. We’ll let you know what the issue is before doing any work and explain any problems you have questions about. That way, you know what you’re paying for and know exactly what is wrong with your car.

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