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Wheel alignment to get your car back on track

Benjamin at Grosvenor Garage provides a wheel alignment service in Fulham, South London. If you would like your wheel alignment checked or correct, you can book online with us anytime or contact us during opening hours. We ensure accurate and efficient wheel alignment tailored specifically to your make and model making sure your vehicle drives smoothly, safely and reliably for you and your family.

Incorrect wheel alignment and how it happens

When your vehicle’s wheels are incorrectly alignment it can cause rapid and unnatural wear alongside the outer or inner edges of your front tyres. Wheel alignment can be bumped out of place if you slightly hit the pavement or accidentally run over a pothole. Even the smallest bump can cause a misalignment with your wheels. When this occurs, your vehicle may have a tendency to pull to one side when driving and cause significant and uneven wear to tyres. This can mean your vehicle is harder to drive and will call for a change of tyres sooner than would otherwise be necessary.

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Wheel alignment checks can save money

Having to replace tyres on a regular basis due to wheel alignment will cause you extra expense that you could do without. Getting regular checks on your wheel alignment can help to prevent spending unnecessary money on vehicle repairs and keep you safer on the roads. Major repairs and replacing two front tyres, after all, can cost a lot more than getting a free check or having to repair your wheel alignment. In addition to this, getting your wheel’s accurately aligned will keep handling safe and not cause you any extra hazards on the roads.

Laser wheel alignment and accuracy

Nowadays, we have the technology that helps our mechanics get your wheel’s accurately aligned. Using the camera imagery and software to identify the exact make and model of your car, along with the correct specifications for the wheel’s alignments, means we can compare and accurately pinpoint the exact angles your wheels should be at. If anything is misaligned, we can identify it quickly using this technology so we can adjust the angles and get your car back to running smoothly and safely again.

Worried about your car?

If you think that your car or van has incorrect wheel alignment, you can contact us today. We can provide wheel alignment separately or along with any service you get with us. At Benjamin at Grosvenor Garage, we make sure that if any repairs are needed, we’ll contact you before getting started on any work. If you don’t know what the repairs are for, why they’re needed or have any questions we’ll be more than happy to run it through with you or show you what the problem is. We are always honest and upfront about prices, and you don’t pay until the work is complete and your car is back on the roads and running smoothly.

For wheel alignment, servicing or any repairs and maintenance for your car, contact us today or book online 24 hours a day.

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